Chef’s Notes is a blog focused on simplifying complicated cooking techniques and processes to make them accessible to home cooks of all skill levels. We aim to make cooking at home relaxed, and enjoyable. To do that we know that it’s important to show our mistakes. No one is perfect, and we know that pretending to be perfect is counter to our goals. 

If your brand our business believes in our purpose and has a product or service that would be beneficial to our readers, we want to hear from you. Along with the blog all of our posts are shared natively on our Social Media channels. 

We have worked with companies of all sizes from Mom and Pop shops to Multinational Corporations and everything in between. Chef’s Notes is a blog that thinks outside the box and we are always open to unorthodox partnerships. 

For more information please contact us through the submission form below and we will get back to within a few hours.  

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