My 5 Favourite Gluten-Free Products

Nov 1, 2019 | Food and Culture

Having to eat gluten-free can be annoying, to say the least. It means that you have had to give up a lot of foods that you love and often if there are gluten-free versions, they don’t come close to the original. Not to mention how much more expensive gluten-free food is in comparison to the regular stuff. Because of price, and the high probability of disappointment trying new gluten-free products can be a bit exasperating.

Being a chef that can’t eat gluten means that I get asked a lot about my opinion on gluten-free products. In an effort to help other people who can’t eat gluten I thought I would put together a list of my top 5 favourite gluten-free products. To keep the list as straightforward as possible I have omitted items that are naturally gluten-free like rice noodles, sesame snacks, and tomatoes. All of the items on this list are made to replace a gluten version and in some cases are actually better than the original.

Whether you are stuck eating gluten-free, know someone who is, or are just a regular person looking for the best frozen pizza you will ever eat, this post is for you. Okay, let’s take a look at…

My 5 Favourite Gluten-Free Products

I have listed prices beside each product. These prices are based on what I usually pay where I live. I find that the price fluctuates based on where I’m buying my groceries, so the prices listed may not be the exact price you pay.

1. Catelli Gluten-Free Pasta

Price – $2.49

There are a few different gluten-free kinds of pasta out there but by far the best is the Catelli brand. Catelli is actually a Canadian pasta brand that dates back as far as Canadian confederation. Ever since 1867 when Carlo Onorato Catelli started selling handmade pasta from a pushcart in what is now Montreal’s Little Italy, Catelli pasta has been innovating and pushing the pasta industry forward. This innovation and forward-looking continues today as the company has become a leader of gluten-free pasta production in Canada.

Of all the brands of gluten-free pasta, I have tried, Catelli is by far the best and most consistent. There were some issues when I first started using it where the pasta would only hold it’s shape for 10 minutes or so after cooking. There was no opportunity for leftovers of any quality. But, now it seems as though that issue has mostly been resolved. I also find that for best results I generally undercook the pasta by about 1 minute compared to the directions of the box.

Catelli Gluten-Free Pasta is so good that you can’t even tell you’re eating gluten-free. And that’s kind of what we’re all hoping for, isn’t it?

You can find this at Sobeys or Superstore.

2. PC Gluten-Free Mini Brownies

Price – $5.99

I’m not the type of person that buys mini brownies very often. Truth be told, I’ve only had these once or twice. But the two times I have had them, I was thoroughly impressed. When compared to the regular version, these PC Gluten-Free Mini Brownies stack up perfectly. I obviously can’t do a side by side taste test, but I’m willing to bet that if you did, you wouldn’t be able to tell which ones were regular and which ones were gluten-free.

You can find these at Superstore.

3. Udi’s Baguettes

Price – $5.99

I have always been a bread lover. Before I had to stop eating gluten, one of my favourite things to make was bread. Of all the bread in all the world, nothing compares to a really well made French Baguette with butter. Although these Udi’s baguettes are great for what they are, a French Baguette they are not.

Udi’s actually makes a lot of really great gluten-free products. I use their regular bread more than any other brand. However, the Udi’s product I use most is this one, their Gluten-Free Baguette. They come frozen, you put them in a 400°F oven for 10-14 minutes to defrost and toast them, then use them however you want. I use them mostly for things like Bahn Mi, Donair Sub, Steak Sandwiches, stuff like that. They also make a dinner roll version which is really good too. But again, keep in mind, that you should not buy these expecting a French Baguette. Just expect a really good gluten-free baguette.

You can find these at both Sobeys and Superstore.

4. Kinnikinnick GF Hamburger Buns

Price – $6.49

Kinnikinnick is another really great gluten-free brand that makes a lot of different products. I use their bread pretty often but the product they make that stands out most is their hamburger buns. They are by far the best gluten-free hamburger bun I have had. They are pricey but really good. I don’t know if I would say that they are better than regular hamburger buns, they’re close enough that you won’t miss regular hamburger buns. Like most gluten-free bread, these come frozen. You just defrost them before use.

One kind of strange thing I will say is that the Kinnikinnick hamburger buns and their English muffins are the same things. If they aren’t the same thing they are close enough that you can’t tell the difference. Other than this one strange little thing they are a great gluten-free brand that is worth checking out.

You can find these at Sobeys.

5. Oggi’s Pizza

Price – $9.49

Just like with the regular version there are a lot of terrible gluten-free pizzas out there. This is not one of them! Oggi’s Pizza is by far the best-frozen pizza I have ever had, and it is the best gluten-free pizza (frozen or otherwise) that I have ever had. The crust is light, airy, and chewy and topped with premium ingredients. Yes, it is more expensive than a regular frozen pizza, but it is worth the price. In all honesty, even if I could eat gluten, and normally would eat a frozen pizza, this is the one I would buy.

I have seen three different flavours of these pizzas; Margherita, four cheese, and roasted vegetables. On their website, they list a pepperoni, spinach alfredo, and a Caprese as well. I’m not sure how the Caprese differs from the Margherita.

Unlike some of the other brands I have mentioned on this list, Oggi does one thing and one thing only, they make badass gluten-free pizza and they do it really well. The next time you find yourself craving a pizza, do yourself a favour and pick one of these up, you will be happy you did.

You can find these at Superstore, Sobeys, and Costco. The Costco pizzas are bigger and come in a two-pack.


If like me, you can’t eat gluten, you should be thankful that you live in this day and age. Even just three or four years ago the available gluten-free products were not very good and way rarer. Today, we can find high-quality gluten-free products almost anywhere which is amazing.

What are your favourite gluten-free products?


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